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Effect of field access on calculations

Question asked by smith7180 on Dec 14, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by mikebeargie

I noticed that if I set field access to "none" in a user's privelege that any conditional formatting that relies on that field is affected. For example if an object is hidden when field_a = 2, the object will be visible for User A if they do not have accesss to field_a even when field_a = 2. No problem- makes sense. However, can this affect calculations as well? If Field C is a calculation set to Field B + Field A and a user has no access to field A, will field c calculate correctly? I assumed so, and a simple test on my end seemed to confirm this. With regards to scripts, I hope I'm correct in assuming field access shouldn't be a problem if I run the script with full access privleges (only when needed of course).

Nevertheless, I remain nervous of unintended side effects of revoking field access.  Haven't turned up any known pitfalls in my googling- is the community aware of any such issues?