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    Opening a new Window causes main window to change size




      I have my main app working well as a maximised child in the MDI container. I have multiple layouts all of which appear maximised. This part all works very well.


      I also have a "report" layout which I have opening up in a new window (to give the client the idea that this is a print preview etc.).


      The trouble is that when the new window appears, it forces my main app to no longer be maximised. This means that once the client has finished with the print preview they now must click on the maximise button to force the main app to be back the way it was.


      How can I prevent the main window from resizing when opening a new window for the printer layout?


      Thank you.

      David Morris.

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          I take it you're on windows? If so, then the best you can do is script your resizing and trigger it as the windows change focus, so that the parent window re-maximizes when it gains focus after the report window is closed.


          The Windows OS version of FMP does not support multiple independent windows like the mac version does. Thus all "windows" are contained within the main application window, and subject to behavior as you noted.


          You can use the OnWindowClose script trigger (file > file options > script triggers) to run the check to maximize the window.