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    Auto Login for different accounts


      I know that there is a way to make file maker 13 auto login, but the problem with that is it seems that when I give permission for it to auto login with one account, it auto logins with that account for every computer. (so every computer will have a full access auto login or a lesser auto login)


      Is there a way to make it so I can make computers auto login to different account? Give one computer the full accesss privilege so they dont have to type in there password or username anymore, and give another computer auto login priviledges as well but it auto logs them in to another account? So that not every single computer auto logs in with the full access account?


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          Depends on your deployment. If you're dealing with a hosted database, you can use external authentication (either Active Directory on Windows or Open Directory on Mac). These technologies use the user's login to the domain / network to log into the database, so it's automatic to the user rather than the workstation, but no credentials are required for the database.


          If you're working on a local computer, you can use the Mac OS Keychain to allow users to store their passwords on their local computers. On the Windows side, you can use Single Sign-On (SSO) to perform similar functionality (doesn't work exactly the same, but accomplishes the same purpose).


          Noting, of course, that the desire for automatic login does defeat one layer of security for your solution, and should not be used for full access accounts.