fmreauthenticate issues

Discussion created by JaredHague on Dec 17, 2014
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I have a client that has a couple solutions that use Go. 


Both file have all accounts with fmreauthenticate10080 enabled.




Reconnects the user where they left off when going into another app or sleep mode.  Works great as expected.

File info

1. single file.

2. user sign in.




Doesn't appear to even try to reconnect.  When you open Go again it just dumps you to the files screen.  Sometimes crashes Go.

File Info

1. Multi file.  -all other files have fmreauthenticate10080 on all acounts. I have also opened them all and reauthenticate works fine.

I have also tried having the external sources removed.

2. Auto login is on but has been tested with it off too.


I have been trying all kinds of things to get this working. Everything from testing different server to clearing out the file. Nothing appears to help getting this working.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.