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Discussion created by jrenfrew on Dec 18, 2014
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Points mean prizes, as we know... but there are times and places when the act of contributing does not equal the act of contributing well..


I am not after a fully moderated forum but I am not going to be happy when people who either continue to complain long after everyone has got the point, or start their posts with 'I don't know but...', get to pile on points just for the volume of contributions. Again, activity down not equate to quality.


I did hear it mentioned that there might be some method of marking a post as unhelpful, or maybe argumentative, so that contribution points were not awarded from that point on. Is that still on the radar?


Also if someone mentions a product the 'they' sell can we flag their post as [PLUG] or something to go alongside the convention of [ANN] for announcements?? It si wholly different from peer review where someone else says product A is really good, I have used it a trillion times without fail, and someone who stands to profit from the answer being given the same status as community members