RSS Feeds don't include replies/comments

Discussion created by hschlossberg on Dec 18, 2014

Is there any way to use this new forum without having to constantly come to this website for new messages?  I've subscribed to the RSS feeds on each of the relevant forums, but I'm noticing that only the original post comes through.  It doesn't show replies to a post, whether or not I've deleted the original post from my viewer.  That kind of makes RSS completely useless, as it also was in the last incarnation of the forums with Webcrossing.


I realize I can subscribe to each of these forums via email, but then I'm dealing with dozens or hundreds of extra emails each day.  Back 10 years or so ago, in one of the original forums, one with more participation from top-tier developers then anything subsequently, it allowed for NNTP (newgroups) access.  Until there is a non-email way to get all new messages, I can't see this new forum being any more useful then the last.


Sorry, just being practical...