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Trailing Grand summary not working

Question asked by planteg on Dec 18, 2014
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let's start with a screen capture:

Grand summary.jpg

Each line are summaries by week for some numbers but for the last one That works fine. But have issues with some of the Grand Totals on the last line (Trailing Grand Summary). The numbers in the yellow box are fine, but in the red box they are wrong.


The numbers on the summary part (yellow box) are summary fields that are Total of respective fields. Numbers for summary part in the red box are calculation fields calling GetSummary().


For the yellow box, same fields are set on the Grand Total part, they work as expected. In the red box, at first I also set the same fields as on summary part, but got the same value as on the last line. I changed that to Summary fields at Total of respective fields on summary parts. Numbers are wrong, my guess is that I get total for all fields in the database .


I hope my explanations are not too confusing. So the question is: how can I get correct Grand Totals for the columns in the red box ? I thought of using  Execute SQL(), but maybe there something more à la FileMaker to achieve the result.




Gilles Plante