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Log-In Password Frustration

Question asked by richardsrussell on Dec 18, 2014

After considerable forthing and backing with FileMaker Tech Support (for which — bless you — I wasn't charged a nickel), it finally became clear to me that the FileMaker website recognizes (and enforces) a distinction between:

• your e-mail address and your user name

• logging in to FileMaker Forums and logging in to the FileMaker Community

I now have 2 separate log-ins and 2 separate passwords for those purposes.

Furthermore, during my chats with tech support, it turned out that, at some point somewhere along the line, my preferred user name (RichardSRussell) and my normal log-in eddress ( had been converted in FileMaker's internal records to all lower case — this for fields specifically labeled on the log-in screen as being case-sensitive.

I find myself wondering if anyone else has had these kinds of frustrations.

Not that anybody has ever inquired, but I for one would be tickled pink if we could just use a single case-insensitive eddress and a single password to gain access to the entirety of FileMaker's website — forums, community, support, etc.