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Discussion created by deninger on Dec 19, 2014
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I have done this before, but for some reason I cannot get the following to work:


1 table with four numerical columns and a fifth column as the text description Example:


TO: GPIGroup (GPIGroup)

Code: 01 Class: 00 SubClass: 00 Name: Penicillins

Code: 01 Class: 10 SubClass: 00 Name: Penicillin G

Code: 01 Class: 99 SubClass: 05 Name: Penicillin-Aminoglycoside Combinations



Also created a "zero" column that is always = "00" and used this to create a reflexive relationship on Class and SubClass

If I look at the relationship in a portal, it appears correctly as:

TO: GPIGroupCode (GPIGroup)

Code: 00 Name: Placebo

Code: 01 Name: Penicillins

Code: 02 Name: Cephalosporins



This is the list I want to create for a popup in my interface.


I have set it up like I always do:



All I get is the dreaded <No Values Defined> in the popup


All columns are indexed and devoid of any calculations, BTW


Any help would be appreciated!