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    Portal Editing


      Is there a way to stop editing of fields in a portal?

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          Turn off field entry on those fields while in browse mode.  Four tab of the Inspector.

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              Hi Ursula,


              Howard's suggestion is the easiest and will work like a charm.  There is, however, another method that you may want to explore, if for no other reason than to expand your FileMaker repertoire: "Insert" (menu) > "Merge Field…"  Merge fields are never editable.


              One clear advantage of Howard's method is that you can selectively prohibit editing (in Browse mode) while still enabling field entry in Find mode. (Mind you, portals are not ideal for search layouts, however; neophyte users are occasionally confused by their presence in Find mode, erroneously expecting to be able to filter the portal itself by entering something there.)


              Just a thought,



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                +1 to merge fields to prevent editing but realize the restriction applies only to that specific control on that layout or popover. ...if the field or fields that you want to prevent editing are exposed in an open edit box on that OR ANY OTHER LAYOUT OR POPOVER the restriction is not enforced. If your goal is true security you need to leverage the security settings

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                  Depending on what your requirement is, you could get really fancy. For example, imagine you don't want Paid invoices to be edited. You can use FM 13's hide functionality to conditionally hide fields in the invoice items when the status is "Paid". Overlay the edit field with a merge field (which can't be edited) for the same field and also conditionally hide it. It should be hidden when the status is NOT "Paid". So when the invoice is "Paid" you will only see the merge field which you won't be able to edit. You could even use this method to make some rows in a portal editable and not others. But of course your condition would then need to be based on something related to the portal record (rather than the parent record, which will cause all portal rows to be uneditable).

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                    Thank you to all of you.  The original response was sufficient for the need at the time.  However, I am shortly going to be taking a closer look at our data security.  The above information would be beneficial when looking at our student tables, student by course enrolment tables and certificate tables.