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Thinking of becoming a dev

Question asked by rybadger on Dec 20, 2014
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I need some experienced career advise. I've just earned an MBA after a Physics degree and am considering my future. I currently work for a company that needed an inventory system. I'm nearly finished building it in FM 13. It's cool and I have enjoyed doing it. Officially I'm a project manager creating mechanical contraptions, but there's future opportunity in becoming their developer.


Backstory. We don't have an inventory system. I saw this need and tried to find a solution. FM 13 had everything we needed. I'd used FM 6 a long time ago. I'd tried to use FM 12; with FM 13 I've finally figured it out. The biggest challenge I've faced isn't technical, its change management. The idea that we would be using iPads in our warehouse was foreign and scary to some. With the rollout upcoming, I'm certain that we made a good decision.


This software is so powerful. Coming from a world of web development Filemaker makes it easy. It's rewarding to be able to create a useful, innovative software tool. So since you're developers, I'm sure you can relate. It's a fun job. Unfortunately, school wasn't free. I think I'm underpaid for the value I bring. I'll be scheduling my certification exam soon.  ....and so, I'm considering taking on contract work to improve my current salary.  Pros, cons, and personal experience with FM work would be invaluable.


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