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ODBC driver, 802 error (Windows 2008, FMP13 Server)

Question asked by alternapop on Dec 23, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2015 by ianselmo

I am trying to configure a server script to run that uses the ODBC Oracle driver.  I had this working on our much older FMP Mac server using the Actual Technologies driver but have moved the process to our new Windows FMP 13 server.


I found the article mentioning installing the 32-bit driver.  ( Unable to import data from an ODBC data source via a FileMaker Server scheduled script on a 64-bit machine | FileMaker )


- I installed the original driver

- downloaded and installed the FM13.0v5xDBC_13.2.14 update

- installed the FMODBC_Installer_Win32 driver from the original installer data


Under 'Programs & Features', it shows 2 drivers:

FileMaker ODBC Driver - 13.0.12

FileMaker ODBC Driver (64-bit) - 13.0.12


When I creat a System DSN, using ODBC Data Source Administrator, the final step shows that it's using the 64-bit driver ( and I don't see a way to change this.


When the script is run by the database developer from their desktop it works.  When I run it from the server it gives the 802 error.

What else might I need to do?