SeedCode's New Calendar: a Couple Movies and Year-End Sale

Discussion created by JohnSindelar on Dec 23, 2014



If you haven't seen our new webviewer calendar, DayBack, here are two new movies that show what's new and why we've moved to the webviewer for rendering the calendar layout.


Resource scheduling in the new calendar:


Mixing your own layouts in with the webviewer:


Download an unlocked, 30 day trial of DayBack and link it to your own file to see how much faster this is than our last calendars, and how much easier it is to integrate with your own work !.


The new calendar is on sale for 25% off through Dec 31st along with the new version of SeedCode Complete--our template for new FileMaker databases--that's been rewritten for FileMaker 13 and WebDirect. Upgrades for existing SeedCode customers are also on sale.




Ping me with any questions, and have a great holiday season.


- John


John Sindelar