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    Privilege Set

      Hello All,


      This is my second post, Please help me in setting up the privilege of my user in my database  I want each user to see their own records.Its been three days Im playing to work but I dont have any luck, and Im also trying what I have read on the forum but still not working.


      Please find attached sample.


      Any Help to the newbie highly appreciated.


      Thank you so much.



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          The cAccount calculation will never match the get(accountName).


          cAccount = Proper(FirstName) & Upper(Left(LastName; 1))


          But the account names do not have that first uppercased letter of the last name

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            Hi Wim,


            I Already created a record for the user but if when I log in, using the created account, It doesnt allow me to create a new record on the Lab Hours Layout but Im abe to create a record on the Project Line.


            Please guide me.


            Thank you.

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              You also have "field access" set to none for employee and lab hours

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                Hi Wim,


                Thank you. I already set to all. How can I make the script Add Project working in a portal if I click on it when Im log in not as an admin


                Thank you.

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                  Your custom records privileges are set to limited using the same cAccount calculation Wim mentioned earlier. Your script is creating the records but you can't see them because the cAccount calc that limits viewing is incorrect.

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                    Hi Todd,


                    Can you please direct me to the right direction to achieved what I want. I already put the last name but still I cant view the records that I created.



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                      You need a field in each table that store who created the record. For example a field named creationAccountName with an auto enter calculation with Creation > Account Name.


                      Then in your privilege set change the calculation for view and edit to be Get(AccountName) = creationAccountName so it will only allow viewing of records created by the currently logged in account.


                      You have restricted the view access of the lab Hours tables as well, so if the user didn't create the Lab Hour record they can't see any projects they create for it. You need to change the privilege to allow the to see all lab hours records or when they log in do a find for the lab hours records ( LAB_ID = * will work). That will find only the lab hours records that user has access to.