Using Iphone to insert a picture into a container....

Discussion created by ghevia99 on Dec 25, 2014
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Hi there.


Doing all my tests on the server using FM server, using an application based on the iphone,

testing all the features I designed, the function to import pictures from the iphone's pictures

folder, then, I click the photos icon, when I do that it takes me to the Albums Library, where

I could pick the Camera Roll, My Photo Stream, Videos, etc., then, when I click on one of them,

My photo Stream,  it  kick me out of the FM application, leaving the application opened.


Because, I don't have enough Simultaneous opened session for FM GO, I need to go in FM server

admin console, close the application and re-open it, to start testing again.


My question is :  the Import operation in this case, is being fully done by the iphone?, it means

I don't have to do anything else about that?, or rather than that, I would need to do something ?,

any kind of configuration parameter, or being managed by a script, or something else?



Gustavo Hevia.