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Document Management System

Question asked by darrynpeterlowe on Dec 25, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by wimdecorte

I'm having a little trouble with creating a document management system.


I can create records etc and drag files into the container easy enough that's not the problem. But there's three things I want to do differently.


The first is to have a file open dialog that then copies the file into a separate location dedicated specifically to a folder.


The second is instead of using the container to display the document I want to be able click a button that will open that document in whatever application is assigned to open it.


The third is to have that document be able to be selected and linked to other tables. For example, I'm trying to create a call management system for field engineers and they will need access to a variety of documents for different customers. So say I create a new job for ABC Corporation and it is to update a particular application that is kind of tricky to setup but it has been documented before and stored in the document management side of things. I would then have the document system filter down everything only to ABC Corporation, I would then find the document I need, and I would link it to the job I have just created. Then when the engineer goes to site to work on this job, all the information they need is right there in the application.


Has anyone got any tips and pointers or even heavily commented solutions so I can understand what is going on?


Thanks for any help.