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Remote control of "headless" Mac mini FMS

Question asked by DavidHollander on Dec 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by DavidHollander

I have used LogMeIn Pro to "remote control" two headless Mac mini FileMaker Servers in two cities, for over a year. This allows me to remotely install OS X and FMS software updates (after properly stopping FMS first). But recent changes to LogMeIn introduced two months ago now make it necessary, it seems, to have a video display connected in order to take remote control.


Host #1: FileMaker Server 13.0v3 on Mac mini 2012 10.8.5;

Host #2: FileMaker Server 12.0v6 on Mac mini 2012 10.9.5;

LogMeIn Host 4.1.4667


LogMeIn support confirms this problem with "headless" Mac hosts, since remote control depends on a "live" video card for capturing the screen draw. It used to work OK, but now has stopped, and remote control fails during the connection attempt.


I posted my experience on the LogMeIn Community here:

     Failed to start Remote Control process: 10009. - LogMeIn Community


I found a related FileMaker Community post here about a headless Mac mini FMS, in which an HDMI display emulator was recommended:

     Mac Mini FMS server,  Firefox screen update lags?


I tried a CompuLab HDMI display emulator, which did NOT solve the problem -- once I restarted, there was once again no remote control, without a live display.


Running a FileMaker Server headless seems to be a common situation, and I think many of us want to remote control our FMS.

Any recommendation for a better way than LogMeIn to remote control a headless Mac mini FMS?

(GoToMyPC has the same issue, it appears.)