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Change password in PHP custom web

Question asked by ebisu on Dec 27, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2014 by ebisu

I'm using two global fields ("_x_pw" and "_x_pw_new") to perform the "Change Password" script.

The script is quite simple with only one step "Change Password"(Old password:_x_pw; New password:_x_pw_new; no dialog).

It works well in FMPro13, but doesn't work on web.


Users privilege is allowed to change password.

The values seem passed successfully (see line 7-8), but the script gave an error (by line 14). Is this caused by global fields?

The output page is like:




  213User account and/or password does not exist.


Here is the code I picked up.



  header("Content-Type: text/html; charset = utf-8");





1 if($_POST['oldpass']==$_SESSION['account']['password']){

2      $findAny = $fm->newFindAnyCommand('Program_web');

3      $anyRecord = $findAny->execute();

4      $record = $anyRecord->getFirstRecord();

5      $record -> setField('_x_pw', $_POST['oldpass']);

6      $record -> setField('_x_pw_new', $_POST['newpass']);

7      echo $record->getField('_x_pw'). ",". $record->getField('_x_pw_new')."<br>";

8      echo $_SESSION['account']['username']. ",". $_SESSION['account']['password']."<br>";

9      $performChangePass = $fm->newPerformScriptCommand('Program_web', 'Change Password');

10      $changeResult = $performChangePass->execute();


11 if(FileMaker::isError($changeResult)){

12      $error_cd = $changeResult->code;

13      $error_mes = $changeResult->getMessage();

14      echo $error_cd . $error_mes;



I appreciate anyone who is helping me.