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    Scroll To Area


      I'm building my first real project in FM Go. It's going to have a long layout that scrolls vertically. I would like to have a set of buttons along the top of the layout that take to user to different areas further down the layout. I've tried Scroll to Selection but there needs to be an enterable field for it to work. I've tried Go To Object but it has the same requirement.


      Ideally I'd like to scroll to a text object (label) or a rectangle or a line, something like that.


      Any ideas?

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          Can't you just use the page down or page up functions of the scroll window script step instead of "to selection"?

          Scroll Window


          Another thing you might want to do that you may not have thought about is locking the window height and zoom, as the "page" size will change depending on the window height and zoom.


          There are some tips in portal scrolling that might work for you if you use a portal instead of the plain form. EG this weetbicks article:

          Sweet Scrolling in FileMaker Go 12


          But AFAIK, there is no "scroll to object" functionality, just the page up/down/home/end/selection of the scroll window script step.

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            To mimic the HTML Anchor function you could try using a goto field. Add a global field with as many reps as you have "anchors." Make them non-enterable and tiny (1px) and put one near each anchor spot then use goto field [my global rep x]. I didn't try this but it sounds good in my head. 

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              Not sure this would work, logically a non-enterable field would result in an error if you tried to scroll to selection or go to field.


              That, and even if you make a small field, you’ll have to worry about making it “active” if you enter it, things like trigger actions firing, active field styles, and auto resizing to see a minimum font size.


              If you set up your layout logically, page down should suffice for all of your needs, even if you have to drop it in a loop to count the number of page downs performed to get to your target area of the screen.

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                After trying a handful of methods, each with its own negatives, as Mike notes, I have decided to go looping / scrolling route. I'm not completely satisfied with this method because it's imprecise. I'd like the active area to be near the top of the screen so that the keyboard doesn't cover it up but scrolling happens in full pages only so the best I can do is get to the general neighborhood.


                Thanks for the suggestions gentlemen!