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Mbps- Containers over the WAN

Question asked by smith7180 on Dec 29, 2014
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I'm a neophyte when it comes to all things WAN.  I don't want to waste anyone's time having to explain WAN basics to me, but I would like to pose a general question to preview/guide my research over the next few days (I've also scheduled time with a professional).


My situation- I've created a database for the media sector.  It has lots of images  ~1.5MB each (1500x1800 pixels usually).  Generally speaking I'm either displaying one medium (~400pixels square) per page, or lots (10-200) of smaller (around 45 pixels square) images in a portal.  Everything's super fast on the LAN.  Instantaneous really.  I've devoured every post/blog/article I could find on performance and tried to apply the tips in my solution.  No unstored calcs, merge fields in list view on ios, relationships instead of sorted or filtered portals, blank layouts where helpful, no flushed caches, only native filemaker objects on layouts, data across multiple small tables instead of fewer large tables, no new windows and very minimal navigation to layouts in my scripts, etc...


I feel like it's paid off.  The database is snappy on OSX, Windows 8, iPhone, and iPad.  That's probably par for the course of the average TechNet visitor, and the forums have been a great boon for me.


Then I put it on a Filemaker server 500 miles away.


Actually when no images, or even 1 medium image (400 pixels square vs originals around 1500 pixels square) are displaying- it's better than I had anticipated.  When I get those portals with images though- big slow downs.  These are the 45x45 pixel thumbnails.  I enabled permanent storage for thumbnails in my database (though perhaps some reciprocal action need be taken on the server?), but it hasn't seemed to make a difference.


Here's the thing that has me confused but hopeful- when I monitor network traffic, it basically hovers at only 1.2mbps.  This has been the case on 2 different hosting services (both of which I was happy with).  I've got around 100mbps, and the host has significantly greater bandwidth.  Leaving aside any mistakes or bad practices I've committed, is it within the realm of possibility that I could get filemaker server to be sending me pre-generated (ie permanently stored) 45x45 thumbnails at a much greater rate (say, >20mbps)?  We're talking about scrolling a portal where everything else in the layout is already loaded and no scripts are running.




Edit: I should have mentioned that my containers are stored in secure external storage on an ssd.  I've tested a self-contained copy as well with the same results (ie ~  1.5 mbps)