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    Remote Back-Ups ?


      Hello Folks, 

      How are you guys backing-up your projects while developing?  In addition to my usb external drive I also have a service called BackBlaze, which automatically backs-ups your computer files to the cloud.


      Would those back-up files on the cloud be safe from corruption?  Is it safe to FTP a FileMaker file to website for back-ups or will that process possible corrupt a file?

      I’ve been working on a big system for a longtime. I’m nervous if my computer dies I would need to make sure my back-up is corruption free.   We should not use TimeMachine for FilerMaker back-ups, correct ? 


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          Backups to the Cloud are great as long as you backup the backup folder and not the live FileMaker database folder.  FTP works also or however you want to copy them. 


          360Works had a nice backup program aimed just at FileMaker called SafetyNet that backs up to the Amazon S3 Cloud (I hear the new version may also back to Glacier). 


          I've never used BackBlaze, but I've used others like Arq. 


          TimeMachine is fine for FileMaker backups... just make sure it is of the backups and not that it omits the live FileMaker folder just like with virus scans or any other backups. 

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            Just treat it like any datafile with the exception of live hosted files.


            Any type of backup will work.


            Thank you.

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              CrashPlan is another option for backups to the cloud AND to other computers.

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                Wherever you back your files up to, make sure the database you are developing is hosted on FileMaker Server. You can schedule your backup up as regular as you want, then you can decide what you want to do with the backups.


                You can use one of many backup programs to copy the files to a NAS or to the cloud, or the NAS first then the cloud.


                When developing, it is always a good practice to have a second system as a FileMaker Server, hosting your project. It doesn't need to be powerful, but any crashes or environmental problems with your system, should avoid corrupting your development hosted on the server.



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                  You said "’i've been working on a big system for a longtime. I’m nervous if my computer dies I would need to make sure my back-up is corruption free"...

                  Suggest that you read up on risk management..

                  IT risk management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


                  1. Develop a set of risk scenarios from best to worst.

                  2. Define the impact to the business and recovery cost (time, effort, money, whatever cost has meaning here) if these scenarios actually occurred.

                  3. Assess the probability of those risk scenarios actually occurring.

                  4. Make an informed business decision on what risks to mitigate and how to mitigate them.

                  p.s +1 to the suggestion to develop only on FMS.

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                    To build on what Kris is saying:  The answers to 1 through 4 will give you budget to work with to mitigate the risk.  In other words: how much would it cost me if I lost everything ==> how much am I willing to spend to avoid it.

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                      off-topic -> on the same subject, in the site of BackBlaze

                      Captura de pantalla 2014-12-30 a la(s) 11.24.07.png


                      • Java being responsible for 91% of security attacks comes from a Cisco's 2014 Annual Report.



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                        I use dropbox to backup copies of my databases I'm working on.   The issue with a file getting corrupt in the cloud is from multiple users trying to open the file at the same time from the cloud.   Another issue that can occur with dropbox is when files are synced to the cloud they are copy to another folder,  usually under My Documents on a PC before synced to the cloud. (I'm not sure about Backblaze because I haven't used)  This happen with all computers linked to the dropbox account.  The problem that can occur is that one computer is syncing, another user access the copy, so this partially sync file from the first user is synced to the second user.   Now there are different version (data) of the same file, so no one has the correct file.

                        You have to use care when backing up your files.  I think a service like dropbox is great for backing up files under development, but with a live data system as other users have stated, I would use filemaker server backup then move copies of those backups.

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                          Great info guys,


                          I’m located in Los Angeles and we are going to have a dedicated server in North Carolina with PointInSpace.


                          Do you see any issues if I use this remote server for developing? Would distance be an issue ?

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                            Physical distance is not usually an issue but the infrastructure in between physical points is always a concern. Generally a business that provides remote services will have have some kind of service level agreement. But they can not control infrastructure in between their business and yours.

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                              Folks developing on FMPS, would you develop if the server was on a remote location?

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                                It is a lot more risky; especially if a network interruption happens at the time you commit schema (fields, tables, layouts).

                                I would avoid this setup.  Those interruptions are lot more likely across the internet then on a local LAN.

                                If you can't / won't then do a lot more backups then you would otherwise do (every 5 mins, 10 mins, however much work you are willing to lose).

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                                  The only time I develop on a hosted solution is when I have a current backup and the change is very minor OR in the early stages when I'm working with a client on some refinements and they want to know "can you move the field over here a little, etc". I treat that as a test copy knowing I'll do the final work on a local copy. It is much safer to do your development on a local copy then upload it to server.