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Unusual Data formatting behavior

Question asked by smith7180 on Dec 30, 2014
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Once in a blue moon I encounter an image that when inserted into a container and displayed on a layout will display at a fraction of it's original size.  It doesn't matter if I choose "Enlarge image to fit" or  "Reduce image to fit" or "Crop to frame"  All yield the same "small image".  If I optimize for images it's small.  If I optimize for interactive content it's even smaller.  This happens in my database, and it happens in a blank database with just one record and one container field.  Until now every example has been an image I don't have the rights to share, but I finally found a public image on Wikipedia that does this (it's a detail of the Mona Lisa's eyes):


Choosing "Reduce or Enlarge image to fit" solves the problem.  However I'd like to stick with reduce image to fit as images are only ever reduced in my solution, and I twice read (though I unfortunately did not write down the source in my notes) that filemaker doesn't generate storable thumbnails for containers set to "Reduce or Enlarge image to fit."


I would love to be corrected on that fact, but even so, I'd like to know if anyone is experiencing the same issue with that image.