Updating Inventory

Discussion created by DanielShanahan on Dec 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by ekrj

I’m curious how other developers manage inventory quantities.  For quantity fields, I have onHand, available, and allocated.  The db is a manufacturing db and each inventory item has multiple lots.  There are primarily three times the quantity fields for items and lots are updated:


1. When a finished good item is manufactured from raw material items. (Finished good onHand and available are incremented while raw materials onHand and available are decremented).


2. When a lot/item is entered into an invoice line item. (available is decremented and allocated is incremented).


3. At night time to adjust for shipped items. (allocated and onHand are decremented).


The way I am currently doing this is using a named portal object on the layout but off screen (see attached).  A script navigates to the appropriate portals and updates the quantity fields accordingly.  This works well.  However, I’m curious what other methods are employed.