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    Looking for a contract developer for a "simple job?"


      Howdy all,


      Looked for a while as to which category to post this under, but came up short...I'm sure (hope?) someone will move it to the right place.


      I run a business with a very outdated online purchase website (secure - CC through Authorizenet - shopping cart - etc.)

      Primary location is in Southeast Pennsylvania, USA


      I've been developing in FMP since ~5.5 or so, but I don't know the first thing about https or credit card handling through a clearinghouse...and don't have the time to learn.  All of my builds are around manufacturing workflow and sales workflow, not online sales.


      I'm looking for someone to essentially copy what is out at the site, and set up the credit card clearing and shopping cart.

      At this point the existing site is so old that I can't alter it anymore and the site is still displaying products that aren't available and not showing items that are.  It just needs to move to current functionality so I can update the product line.


      It is my plan to revise it further from there, but I need the "heavy lifting" done first before I can start upgrading the content.


      There is an email link through the site if you are interested or have initial questions.

      {FWIW, Preference will be given to frequent posters here that I have "come to know", and those close to southeastern PA (if any) }


      Thanks for any responses or interest!


      Eric Twiname


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          I can certainly recommend the 360Works Plastic plugin. It's easy to install and configure, and the team there is very helpful if you hit any snags.


          Is your current site a FMP site, or something else? How many users do you have on your site concurrently/daily?





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            Thanks for the input.


            Current site is NOT FMP, but I would like it to be.  Current site is well over a decade old.


            The site is very low traffic...I would be surprised if I ever hit 5 concurrent users.

            I do not need SEO...just the ability to update the site content and product lines and pricing.

            People who want to buy from me already know I'm there and type in the site address directly...if I never showed up again on a google search, it would not affect the business.