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Privilege Set , <No Access> records

Question asked by on Jan 1, 2015
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I have one problem with the Privilege Set and Security issue, some records are still shown with the <no Access> in the fields, even after an Perform Find on a UUID with "*".


In the SecurityApp we have restricted the records by an calculation, defined in the PrivilegeSet: MultiSourceUser.

the calculation determine if the user is granted to view the data, if true it sees the data if not it should not be visible.

When loading the layout i preform a find on an UUID but still the records are shown with <no acces>

see the attached file.

UIgloabals frm is for the administrator, when looked in as Admin we have Full Access, when relogin as "Peter" (no password)

there are two records blocked.

can anyone help to solve this problem.