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FMP URL: Reliability when Another Script is Already Running

Question asked by Jeremiah_Hammond on Jan 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2015 by schamblee

I'm concerned about the reliability of scripts called by FMP URLs when another script is already running. Want to make sure I'm not missing something, so here are my questions:


1. Is it possible to have a script called by an FMP URL run on Pro 13 on Windows if there's already another script running, but--and here's the crucial part--it's paused? This works fine on Mac and iOS, but I can't get the FMP URL script to run on Windows. Whee behavior differences between platforms!


2. Will an FMP URL script ever run if there's another script that's *actively* running (say someone is in the middle of a script that's looping through a ton of records)? From my testing, the FMP URL script won't run on either desktop platform, even when the other script is done, unless that other script ended within a second or two after the FMP URL fired. In other words, the FMP URL script "isn't remembered" by FileMaker. Gives you that warm and cozy feeling on the inside.