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    Mac Runtime solution on Windows




      I am using a Windows 7 OS, with Filemaker 13 Pro Advanced.

      The most used OS in my country is Windows, but there are many users who are shifting to Mac.


      Is there any way of doing a Runtime solution for Mac on Windows?

      Can the Filemaker 13 Pro advanced on Windows do a runtime solution for Mac?


      PS: I tried running Mac on my windows by using virtual machines - like VMware - but the problem was that my computer doesn't support the requirements to run the 1.7 Mac OS (which is the minimum needed for Filemaker 13 to be installed).


      Thank you.

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          The Runtime engine is platform specific. You would need to create the runtime on a Mac for your Mac users and on Windows for your Windows users. You can user the same Filemaker file to create both runtimes as long as there are no platform specific scripts steps. If there are you'll need some conditional scripts to deal with it. Also be aware that fonts render differently on each platform so you'll need to do some testing.

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            I have a MacBook Pro with Parallels so I can also run windows.  I have Yosemite, Windows 7 and Windows 8 all on the same machine.  Filemaker comes with installer for both MAC and PC, so then you can make both runtimes.  You need to test your solution on both platforms because even though FM runs on both there are some difference.  Fonts display different on both platforms, items that use the web browser such FMURL and Webviewer.  PC uses IE and Mac uses Safari.

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              My solution is already tested on a Mac computer (but with a Filemaker Pro installed on this user's computer). There was no problem at all with fonts and scripts.


              So it is mandatory to use a Mac computer to be able to do the Mac runtime.

              Thank you for your help.

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                Benjamin Fehr

                in addition to schamblee's scenario which is same as I deal with:

                I do programming on the Mac OS. Since Parallels can reach Mac resources from any Windows VM, you can do Windows Runtime-Binding with the Mac resources.

                Make sure you set same Binding-Key for both Win & Mac Runtime!!!

                (your customer may want to switch from PC to Mac or otherwise later)

                I recommend to have one folder for the RT-Binding and another folder with the final resources. When doing updates, you copy only the edited files.