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Connecting Tables with Multiple Relationships.

Question asked by jrhutson on Jan 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by disabled_jackrodgers

I am working on an asset tracking system where devices will be identified by either an Asset Tag and a Serial Number or simply a Serial Number. Most but not all of the devices we're dealing with are asset tagged. For the others we will track them with the serial number.


I have set things up so that I have a Table of Devices and a Table of Device Events to log the devices being checked in and out. Because I would like to be able to use either to identify the device an event is related to I built relationships between both the Asset Tag and Serial Number fields.


This doesn't seem to be working as I expected. When creating a new event for a device I input its Asset Tag number, but the serial number does not come over from the Devices Table. It seems to act as if they are not related in any way.


I haven't had this problem with any of the other relationships in the database, so I'm assuming that it has to do with the duplicate relationship. Is there a way to go about this properly?