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File takes long time to open or close

Question asked by justinc on Jan 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

I am having some odd behavior with a file I created.  It wasn't doing this before...but I didn't really investigate the issue when it first happened to be able to narrow down what I changed that made it happen. 


So, this file:  it's a local (i.e. non-hosted) file built in FM13.  It is separation model, and has 3 other files associated with it.  I run this file from a Macbook Pro with an SSD and it takes 20-25 seconds to open.  The other odd behavior is that it ALSO takes 20-25 seconds to fully close.  By that I mean that you can close the last window and the 'Quick Launch' screen will show up almost immediately...but then it beach-balls for 20-25 seconds before you get control back.


This problem crops up before any scripts are executed.  I do have an 'on open' trigger on the file, and the delay happens before that script fires up in the debugger.  The initial layout is based in a simple table with 1 record.  The layout doesn't have any fields on it, but it does have some conditional formatting and pop-ups that have fields.  However, I ran a test where I removed all objects from the layout and it still took 20 seconds to open.


On close, I also have a script trigger for a script that simply navigates back to the opening page, so that it will always open on that layout when opened.  (It's my understanding that a file will open to whatever layout it was on when it was last closed locally, and then it will navigate to whatever layout is defined in the 'File Options', and THEN if you have a script trigger it will run that.)


Do the fields in the pop-ups have to get loaded?  It does appear to be 'opening' all the other files (perhaps because the pop-ups have some meta-data from those files in them); when I go to 'Window ->Show' all 3 other files are shown in black, not gray.  But the relationship graph from this opening layout is one-step to these meta-data tables in each file, and these tables only have one record each in them, on fairly narrow tables of mostly timestamps, dates, or labels.


What else is FM doing when it opens a file?