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    Yosemite and FileMakerPro 8


      Has anyone tried running FileMaker Pro 8 under the Yosemite ? If so, did it run, and were there any issues?


      Thanks, in advance, for any information.


      Lionel Astol

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          In my experience, you will eventually run into an issue, even if it appears to initially work. We've gotten bitten with odd issues months after an OS conversion (like printer settings on a specific report or an update that completely cripples FileMaker). There is absolutely no support for FM8 on 10.10.


          Filemaker 8 is coming up on it's 10th birthday. 10 years ago the mac OS was 10.4 for a little frame of reference.


          If you're going to upgrade your hardware and OS, why not give the same respect to filemaker and plan an upgrade?

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            Agree with Mike, especially since your into the post FM6 generation of product.  Conversion is not usually a big issue.