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2012 MacMini Options

Question asked by JFWX5 on Jan 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by techt

Hi All,



I have a 2012 Mac Mini 2.3 I7 Quad-Core, Thunderbolt 1  thats running FMS13 and I'm running out of disk space.  I don't feel comfortable replacing the SSD myself and can't take the Mini offline for a extended time to update by way sending it out for service.


So which of these options would be best for me? I want a Balance of Speed and Safety



OWC ThunderBay 4 Raid 5 with 4TB


Mercury Helios 2 PCIe Thunderbolt 2 with a a Mercury Accesior E2 SSD Card


OWC Elite Pro Dual Raid 1 with SSDs


Or Any other solutions / vendors that you would recommend?



Thank you,