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Can't open database with FMS13

Question asked by jrstubbs on Jan 4, 2015
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All my databases on FMS13 are marked "closed" and cannot be opened. I'm on Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) with FMS It was working fine up to a couple days ago, then all of a sudden quit. I'm using FM13 as a FileMaker Developer and my subscription as a FM Developer is "active" so it shouldn't be due to a lapse in the subscription. I rechecked the Developer's License Key in FMS13 - its okay.


I tested a FM13 file on my desktop (worked perfectly), so I don't have any reason to think the file is corrupted. I then uploaded the new database to FMS, but same problem. The databases are visible in the Activity window (database tab) but all have a status of "closed" and cannot be opened. I looked at the log and saw a message that another copy of FM Server is running (at the same IP address) with the same license key.


The fact that two FMS13 are running at the same time is probably the problem. When I go into Admin Console, I can clearly see a copy of FMS13. If I shut it off, I still can't connect remotely to the phantom copy. Any ideas on how to get rid of the phantom copy of the server?