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Using Third Party Plug-in to add Roll Forward Capabilities to FM Server 12 back-ups

Question asked by carojo on Jan 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by carojo

My client is looking at using fmDataGuard or similar for a soon to be implemented solution on FM12 Server.


The main reasoning concerns the capacity to Rollback / Roll Forward from the last back-up in the event of disaster recovery, rather than the need to have a specific Audit Log (since the solution already keeps a log of key actions made on records).


My initial thoughts are that it seems a bit heavy-handed for the current requirements i.e. I’m concerned over the performance hit that inevitably comes with having a third-party plug-in log every action (obviously some environments such as finance do require such stringent tracking). The reality for this workplace is that operations would not stop if the database was unavailable - so in all likelihood there would be some need for manual data entry when the database was restored anyhow.

Given the fact that the new (in FM12) progressive back-ups feature would minimise the loss of data in the event of a disaster, potentially to within a minute, and that fmDataGuard states

[implementation on] a separate database host, provides the greatest likelihood that in the event of a crash of your primary database server(s) that the AuditLog table will remain intact and thereby allow a means to update your last created full database backup to within minutes or seconds of the primary servers content prior to the crash.

What are the pros and cons of using a third party system versus the native progressive back-up? And are there any other recommendations?