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Normalized vs. denormalized DB design in FileMaker

Question asked by jurijn on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

Hello to everybody!


I was thinking about DB design in FM. I went through the Advanced guide of FM and found nothing regarding to the topic mentioned above.
What is better:
1. to have denormalized design with less tables, bigger tables and less table connections with facts and dimensions?
2. to have normalized DB design with smaller tables and more table connections?


I got these questions thinking about performance.
Generally by other DBs there should be two DB-systems:
- one system for data-saving; entering (data-integrity and DB size concerns) in normalized form;
- another sytem for reporting (particularly for performance; summarized data and speed of queries) in denormalized form.


By small systems (DBs) is that probably not important. I am a little confused about all now.
Should I build by reporting schemas Warehause (starschema) ?

Concerning data integrity and performance (also regarding best practices), should DB schemas be in a third normalized form?


Please give some your experience, opinions or recommendations to above questions.


Thanks in advance!