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Multifile solutions design in FM

Question asked by jurijn on Jan 5, 2015
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Im opening some topic about multifile solutions vs. single file solutions.

I want to hear some opinions from experienced FM developers and users.


What are the benefits of dividing a one solution (file; FMDB)  in more files, FMdbs?
Why and when should that be a good practise?

I cant see advantage in dividing a solution to a frontend file and a backend file or even in a more files. Where frontend solution (file) holds only the layouts and backend solution (file) all the tables and table occurences -> data.


Performance is probably not the cause.
It is because of modularization?
Is that just another higher unit of modularization (higher layer of modularization)?


Please join the discussion and give some examples. Any good links would be also very helpful.

Thanks in advance!