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    Various Web Direct issues


      Hi everyone and Happy New Year!


      I have some formatting issues with Web Direct that I want your confirmation before I put them forward to FileMaker as bugs.


      1) All pop-over menus are truncated at around 20 characters


      2) Even if I text align vertically a field at center, I still get it vertically aligned at the top.


      3) I have an invoice with a portal for the lines. There is a hidden object condition for some of the portal fields and the lines are automatically added from the relationship. However it doesn't recognise the hidden object condition until I type in a value into one of the other fields. In the attached screenshot, I need to type into the Quantity or Price first in order to see the Item ID field and Description which are conditionally shown.


      4) Using a web viewer to show tracking of packages, the viewer works for TNT, DHL and FedEx but doesn't show at all for UPS. I tried on the FM Pro version and it works for all just fine. I think this may have to do with the iFrame used by Web Direct to wrap the viewer as some sites don't allow this. I am not sure if this is the issue or another issue of Web Direct.


      Thank you in advance.



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          1. I have also noticed the truncation of pop-up menus. In addition to truncating the text, I've found that if you click anywhere between where the text stops and the down arrow at the right edge of the pop-up, it does not open the pop-up.


          2. I've encountered the vertical centering issue as well. It can be worked around by adjusting the padding on the field, however if you are accessing the layout by both FMP and WebDirect, the adjusted field won't quite look right on FMP at this point.


          3. I'd say this one is most likely a result of your "Hide object when" calculation. Do you see the same behavior in this regarding when viewing from FMP as well as WebDirect?


          4. Chances are, this has more to do with UPS than anything. I encountered the same problem in an early attempt to tap into paypal with a webveiwer. Many secure sites simply will not allow iframes.





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            thank you for the feedback.


            1) Yes, I noticed that too. Generally pop-up menus are very bad in Web Direct.


            2) Padding may be a good idea. It will be Web Direct only solution.


            3) No, this is not an issue in FMP only in Web Direct.


            4) Ok


            I even updated to server version 13.0.5 in the hope that at lease some of these are fixed but no lack





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              #1 is a known bug, but primarily I've seen it only with value lists using related values. I've worked around it by having a global field populated with the list values, and a non-related value list based on the contents of that field. I add a step to my OnFirstWindowOpen script to populate that global field with the most recent values.


              #2, I recommend using separate layouts for WebDirect and FMP. It's easy to redirect with triggers or add it to your navigation script, but there's almost always some sort of tweaks that I make in WD that are different than FMP. I've found the CSS property for vertical-align:middle; can sometimes be handled poorly by different browsers. Are you having the problem across all browsers? Have you used a code inspector to see if the text field is having the CSS properly written? I've found that saving a new style to the base theme can sometimes render properties correctly if it is having a CSS issue.

              #3 sounds like you might have an issue with your calculation, or you don't quite understand how refresh works in WebDirect. Remember WD redraws the screen on the server and sends it to the client on update. It operates differently than FMP.


              For #4, why not use an alternative tracker website so you have a standard look for ALL of your package tracking. I'd recommend https://www.packagetrackr.com/ as you can easily use their autodetect to track any package: https://www.packagetrackr.com/track/_yourTrackingNumber_

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                Here all the acknowledged issues with Web Direct.

                FileMaker WebDirect - Known issues | FileMaker

                The rendering issues (list value truncation and centering/alignment) you notice are all about HTML5 handling by your browser.

                The portal hidden object visibility issue may be a portal refresh issue.

                Web Direct is still a bit immature.

                Make sure your using a supported browser.. Requirements for accessing FileMaker WebDirect solutions | FileMaker

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                  Thank you all for your time with these. I have some update


                  1) @coherentkris: You are right that it has to do a bit with the browser. I originally found this bug with Chrome but no issues with Safari. I run the latest Chrome version 39 which is way past the minimum set by FileMaker.


                  @Mike_Beargie: Your suggestion says about using the global field as a value list if I understand correctly. But a global field cannot be indexed. Do you have a demo share perhaps?


                  2) No change. As before.


                  3) This one I just avoided using the relation to add a related record for the lines in the portal automatically. I added a manual button to add lines so the refresh is now just fine.


                  4) Solved with the tracking website suggested by Mike above. Yes, it must be that UPS is blocking iFrames.

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                    Regarding indexing and. Global fields,  your right they are not indexed.  That's because there is only 1.  All records in the tabled see the same field.  Indexing is great on regular fields because there is one in each recore and indexing makes it much faster to find the correct record. 



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                      I believe you misread the question. Mike mentioned earlier that he was using a global field to populate a value list. Csavva is asking how he was able to accomplish this given the non-indexable nature of the field. I must admit I, too, am curious. I didn't think it possible. I attempted again upon reading this to be sure, and sure enough FM allowed me to set a global as the source of a value list, but warned me that it would not work, and it did not. However, Mike has been at this longer than I have, and I'm interested to see if he knows a way to make this usable.