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    FileMaker Server 12 plus Externally Stored Container files and seeing lots of 685 errors... [XPOST]


      Hi everyone,


      I am working on a FileMaker Server 12 project using Externally Stored

      Container files and seeing lots of 685 errors.


      We are running:

      • FileMaker Server

      • OS X 10.8.5

      • Mac mini core i7




      One of the strange things is that the errors come and go. There were a lot.

      Then there were none. Then they came back. No pattern that I can see. We

      have email notification turned on.


      I read through all the FileMaker TechNet/community threads that I was able

      to find about 685 errors including the ones with the subject lines:

      • ³FMServer v12 Error 685, only affects Externally Stored Container files²

      • ³Server Error 685²

      • ³FMS12v3 error 685 Cannot delete backup folders²


      We have tried:


      1. Limiting the number of files in a folder by using the primary key of the

      record. We have only 1 file per folder.

      We do have some folders that have 1,000 of sub folders, still with each file

      in its own folder.

      I am guessing that that might be an issue and am planning on setting up a

      calculation that will make it so that there are not more than 100 files or

      folders in any given folder.


      Open Storage calc...something like this...but more robust that works when

      the ID rolls to 7 char...

      "FM_Colors/Image_Original/" &

      Left ( __ID ; 2 ) & "/" &

      Middle ( __ID ; 3 ; 2 ) & "/" &

      Right ( __ID ; 2 ) & "/"





      2. Upgrading to FileMaker 13. Does this make the issue go away? Anyone had

      success or failure on this path? I would hate to upgrade and have the issue

      remain or get worse. Would be a waste as everything else is working fine.

      The client is on maintenance, has FM 13 and is not in active developement


      3. Bring all the images into the FileMaker files and give up on using

      Externally Stored Container files. This would require that I do an inventory

      on the number of files, file sizes and total size required.


      Permissions are fine. I checked using the command line.


      Thanks in advance for any ideas.


      All the best,



      Tony White

      Tony White Designs, Inc.

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          Error 685 = Error occurred while deleting backup folder "%1", some files or folders could not be deleted. (%2)


          What is the net effect, Tony?  Is the new backup valid, does it have all the data?

          If the new backup is valid then i would not treat this as a critical issue since it means that some files of the old backup can not be removed.  If you can remove them manually in Finder then you could use a shell script or applescript to do a cleanup once a day...

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            Hi Wim,


            Yes, it does seems to be more cosmetic that anything else.


            The backups have worked so far...I got involved when the FileMaker Server

            crashed...we were able to pull from the backed up external container and

            FileMaker files successfully.


            I am with you on not treating this as a critical issue...the server is up

            and stable, the files have passed stability tests...mostly I am responding

            to the client who is on the email notification list and just emailed to

            request that we lighten the load on his Inbox and make the scary messages



            We are looking at the messages that we have collected to see if there is a

            pattern to:

            • when do the message occur

            • why do they stop

            • why do they come back


            Just looked at one message that said that it could not delete folder foo at

            4:56 AM

            Pretty sure no one was working at that time!

            The folder is gone now and we have not manually been cleaning up


            I just skimmed over the 685 messages and see that they:

            • Cover each of the 3 disks that we are backing up to

            • Happen at all time of the day and night

            • Are related to various backup schedules, some of which I set up myself



            A mystery for now.


            Will post back if I learn anything useful.


            Thanks much.



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              I also have a client who's FM 12 server ( running under OS Server 10.6.8 is sending out such e-Mail warnings.  I can see that the content the server backup process can not delete are files in the RC_DATA_FMS folder.  They have one container field that is storing data externally.  In this case the container data is pdf files.


              I checked folder and file permissions and they appear to all be correct with the owner of fmserver and the group of fmsadmin having read/write permissions. 


              The client's older xServe hardware limits them from upgrading any further with the OS and thus I don't believe can update any further with FileMaker Server 12 updates to see if updates would fix it.


              I am guessing the problem is somehow related to FileMaker Server seeing these files as references to the actual files themselves, not a duplicate backup copy of the files.  Anyone have any insight into if this might be the case or how to stop this from happening?