FileMaker Server 12 plus Externally Stored Container files and seeing lots of 685 errors... [XPOST]

Discussion created by TonyWhite on Jan 5, 2015
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Hi everyone,


I am working on a FileMaker Server 12 project using Externally Stored

Container files and seeing lots of 685 errors.


We are running:

  • FileMaker Server

  • OS X 10.8.5

  • Mac mini core i7



One of the strange things is that the errors come and go. There were a lot.

Then there were none. Then they came back. No pattern that I can see. We

have email notification turned on.


I read through all the FileMaker TechNet/community threads that I was able

to find about 685 errors including the ones with the subject lines:

  • ³FMServer v12 Error 685, only affects Externally Stored Container files²

  • ³Server Error 685²

  • ³FMS12v3 error 685 Cannot delete backup folders²


We have tried:


1. Limiting the number of files in a folder by using the primary key of the

record. We have only 1 file per folder.

We do have some folders that have 1,000 of sub folders, still with each file

in its own folder.

I am guessing that that might be an issue and am planning on setting up a

calculation that will make it so that there are not more than 100 files or

folders in any given folder.


Open Storage calc...something like this...but more robust that works when

the ID rolls to 7 char...

"FM_Colors/Image_Original/" &

Left ( __ID ; 2 ) & "/" &

Middle ( __ID ; 3 ; 2 ) & "/" &

Right ( __ID ; 2 ) & "/"





2. Upgrading to FileMaker 13. Does this make the issue go away? Anyone had

success or failure on this path? I would hate to upgrade and have the issue

remain or get worse. Would be a waste as everything else is working fine.

The client is on maintenance, has FM 13 and is not in active developement


3. Bring all the images into the FileMaker files and give up on using

Externally Stored Container files. This would require that I do an inventory

on the number of files, file sizes and total size required.


Permissions are fine. I checked using the command line.


Thanks in advance for any ideas.


All the best,



Tony White

Tony White Designs, Inc.