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Sorting in a Virtual List

Question asked by connections on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2015 by jbante

I have created a report based on a virtual list (thank you to those who have posted articles on the technique!) but I am getting a strange sort order on one column. It happens in table view and in the report. Attached is the table view showing Column11 sorted in ascending order but not sorted correctly. What could cause this?


ExecuteSQL (


   EST.EstimateID, EST.Estimate, EST.EstimateName,

   ED.Room, ED.RoomDescript, ED.SystemID, ED.System, ED.RoomDim_eval as Area,


   SD.SystemID, SD.MaterialCode, SD.MaterialCoverage, SD.MaterialPrice, SD.MaterialProduction, SD.MaterialJobClass,


   UD.JobClass, UD.PayRate, UD.Benefits,


   ED.RoomDim_eval / SD.MaterialCoverage as Quantity,

   Quantity * SD.MaterialPrice as Cost,

   Quantity / SD.MaterialProduction as Hours,

   Hours * (UD.Payrate + UD.Benefits) as Labor


From EstimateDetail ED

Join SystemDetail SD on ED.SystemID = SD.SystemID

Join System SYS on ED.SystemID = SYS.SystemID

Join Material M on SD.MaterialCode = M.MaterialCode

Join Estimate EST on EST.EstimateID = ED.EstimateID

Join UnionDetail UD on EST.UnionID = UD.UnionID and SD.MaterialJobClass = UD.JobClass


Where ED.EstimateID = ?


"~" ; "" ;

$EstimateID )


Thank you,


FMP A 12.0v5 on Mac