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Relationship design and layout subets

Question asked by mikeg998 on Jan 5, 2015
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I'm completely new to Filemaker and relational database design but have none the less been asked by an non-profit to help set up a system for them. Would love your opinions on whether I'm on the right path.


The general work they do is with refugee populations. They are wanting to track contacts, donations courses and events. Contacts can include family members (donors), volunteers, refugees, and employees.


Question 1)       I'm thinking that all the contacts and information about the individuals should go in 1 table and then I would create layouts that shows subsets (using a script). i.e. If they volunteer than they would show up in a layout for volunteers, same if they are refugees, etc. 

Is this a smart way to go about it?  Many people might be fit into several categories and thus would need to show up on multiple layouts. I want there to be one layout for each department with their subset/found set already loaded.


Question 2) Would I need to create an instance of the main contacts table for each of the layouts or just write a script that subsets the main table for each layout?


I pull family members together by linking contacts with a families table containing a pk and home address   [contacts]>-------[families (address)]


For Courses I have as:   [contacts] -------< [Contact/Enrolment (join)] >----- [courseList] >--------[Instructor (instance of Contacts table]

          Q: Again, do I create an instance of the contacts table, or create another link to the original contacts table?


Similar idea for the events table.

Donations:     [contacts] ------< [contacts/Donations (join)] >-------- [donations] >--------[Event (if its tied to one)]


Am I on the right track here or do I need to rethink he whole thing?

Sorry for posting what I'm sure is a very newbie question. Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions.