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Strange Find behavior difference between .fp5 and .fmp12

Question asked by duncanbaker on Jan 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2015 by mtwalker

Hey all


I've come across some weird behavior that I can't figure out. I have an old .fp5 file with a bunch of records that each have a code field - it's like an inventory transaction table, so these codes can appear multiple times. A user used to do a find in this table using this:




A range of product codes. In the .fp5 file after sorting by the code, they would get 10 records of the first value and then all the rest. All good.


The file got updated to .fmp12 just recently (via .fp7) and now when they do the same find, those 10 records do not show up - the sorted list actually starts with the records that are immediately after the 10 above. In addition, there are "extra" records at the end that do not seem to fit the criteria.


If I search for just abacbac-nat they show up fine. The field is a text field. I have exported the values to csv and imported into new fmp files and the same thing happens. But it's fine in .fp5...


Am I missing something with finding with a range within a text field? Did something change as regards this from .fp5 to .fp7/.fmp12? I can post some screen shots of the find results if that helps.


Thanks for any tips.