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    Connection to Xero




      I have  a new client who has just adopted Xero - a cloud accounting system, to supersede a flavour of MYOB.


      I am writing a quoting/invoicing/revenue package that feeds from the web based left end of the equation, that need to push ( and maybe pull) data  to/from Xero ( the right side of the equation)


      web - FM -Xero


      I have located a plugin, and 2 other  Oz/Nz companies that work with Xero ( have contacted one some weeks ago, no reply...)


      Has anyone any experience with FM and Xero?

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          Hi cortical,


          We've been working with FileMaker and Xero and integrating them together for a while now. We moved from MYOB to Xero as well a while ago, as have many of our clients. We've helped them "push" contacts, invoices, payments etc from FileMaker to Xero and "pull" down any required data via the Xero API.


          We're now a Xero Approved Developer - feel free to contact me off list for more details. We have some more info on our website:








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