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    SuperContainer Insert from device


      I'm new to SuperContainer by 360 works.  My application requires users to scan documents using Scan2FM and also capture images using an iPad camera. These two methods are working using a standard container.


      I'm trying to figure out the best way to implement SuperContainer here to store and retrieve the images.


      I see the following two options:

      Option 1: Directly use Insert From Device for the camera/scanner to populate a SuperContainer field.

      Option 2: Save the image to a regular container first, then retrieve it using SuperContainer.


      Which option works best and how would you suggest implementing it?



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          I was able to figure this out.


          Option 1 works. I'll try to explain.


          So the image gets inserted into a standard Filemaker container using an Insert From Device script step. This file gets hosted on the server externally. This is configured in the database field container setup. In the container setup Storage tab, there is an option to specify an external path. The default path root links to:

          C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Databases\RC_Data_FMS\YOURDATABASEFOLDER

          I was able to get the images to go here, but I actually want the images to be stored on a separate drive. This larger drive will provide adequate space and will be separate from the database drive.


          In SuperContainer, you specify the storage path through an xml file. In my case D:\JobDocuments

          So getting the files from the RC_Data_FMS folder required creating a windows symlink using the command prompt with this command:

          C:> mklink /j "C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\

          Databases\RC_Data_FMS\YOURDATABASEFOLDER\JobDocuments" D:\JobDocuments


          With this symlink, images are stored on the D drive in the correct location. The scheme for specifying the image subdirectory and the filename just needs to match the path of the SuperContainer web viewer.

          SuperContainer: & "CUSTOMPATH"

          Container "Open Storage" field: "CUSTOMPATH"


          The end result is that I am able to scan or photograph images, automatically store them in a directory that is separate from the database, and view them using SuperContainer. This is beneficial because SuperContainer is much faster for image retrieval and display.


          PM me if you come across this topic and need help.