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FileMaker on Microsoft APPV

Question asked by greber on Jan 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by greber

We use Citrix Metaframe as Client platform for our several hundred users (Microsoft Windows Server Software 2008R2).


We first used FileMaker 12.04 as a package installation on all our Citrix Servers and everything works well.


About a year ago, we switched to Microsoft APPV installation (application virtualization). This works well, except that printing is very slow.

Printing of 6500 indiviualized letters:

regular installation 5 Min.

APPV installation:   2:30 h

(Just creating the printfile in the print queue, actual printing takes longer depending on the printer).


This slow print file creation muss have something to do with the interaction of the filemaker APPV installation with the connection to the print queue. You can actually see that one page printing on APPV takes several seconds, while with a regular installation on a Windows client more than 1000 letters are created per Minute.


Any idea why APPV is so slow?


Thank you for your advice.




PS: i already consulted Micorsoft and implemented the following switch, however no change in performance.


  • Well, there is one switch that fixes this issue

Can someone
tell me the consequense of allowing local interaction? The switch below seems to resolve the print issue



</POLICIES> goes into more detail.