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    Mac Windows Compatability




      I have built a database on the Mac platform for a client. It's built off a FM content managment template with customization.

      The media files the client is referencing are on a network drive. ( movies, pdf, images...etc.). The actual database is either

      run with FMP 13 or the runtime. The database file is not hosted it's local.


      Now they would like to use the same database on Windows 7 machines connected to the same network drive that holds the media.


      All the records in the database were created on a Mac. When I look at the file paths to the media they all start with moviemac:/


      Will the database on the Widows machine be able to link to the the media?




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          No they won't.  The windows users need a windows-formed path to the share (and the share must be shared in a protocol that Windows can understand; so no AFP).


          Also; you mention "runtime", runtimes have no networking capability so they can not be shared.

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            There is no database sharing. The files are run locally the only part that is networked is the media storage, it's on a

            network drive that all local users mount to their computers. (Think of it like dropbox)

            But as you said the file path format will not work and thats what I was concerned about. 


            Is there any way I can conditionally modify the file paths so it will link on both systems?


            Thanks for your help.

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              Sure, check the Get() functions to find out if the users are running Mac or Windows and construct the path accordingly.

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                So your saying the filepath to containers are user editable?

                I thought that was a read only property?

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                  No, you did not mention container fields.  It sounded like you just have the media stored on a network share, not in container fields.

                  Or did you mean that you are using containers where the files are inserted "as reference"?

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                    Yes Containers inserted as reference.

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                      Is it important that the users can get to the media without using FileMaker?


                      (because if they can, they might break your reference - if that is not important, that's fine).

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                        wimdecorte wrote:


                        Is it important that the users can get to the media without using FileMaker?



                        The users are only interested in looking at the videos that are linked in the database.

                        So you're saying there is no way to modify the windows version so that it will link to the references that were made with the mac version?

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                          I believe there is a trick whereby if you re-insert the same media from a windows machine it will store both paths.  But I would not recommend you attempt that.


                          Since nobody will be touching the media except through FM, make use of the "remote container" feature.  Set up your containers to store their data externally.  And then insert the media into the container (not by reference).  That way, FM and FMS will manage the path automatically and you will have no cross-platform issues.


                          Storing container field data externally | FileMaker


                          You will have to migrate the data though and create a script to run on a mac to do the actual inserting based on the current container so I suggest creating a new container field for it, when the migration is done then delete the original container and the media on the shared drive.

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                            I guess I should have been more clear, the media has to be on the network drive. Thats paramount.

                            My client want to hand his client the SMALL DB file ( or RT with the file). They mount the network media drive to the computer they are on, then they open the DB and go about their business. Also the media records are already create.

                            We don't want to re-import over 4000 records.

                            But you steered me in the right direction when you said "built the WIN file path". I forgot I could set the file path to a container programmatically.  I can modify the Mac file path to

                            the Win path and set a specific Win container.

                            But I'm a Mac user so iIdon't know windows much. I'm using a Win emulator to do the Win side.

                            I notice that Windows uses drive letters instead of the drive name ex. moviewin:/Z:/Media Folder/0028JA.mov.

                            and that letter is different every time the drive is mounted.


                            Am I seeing that because I'm emulating or is that just the way it is on Windows?

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                              Yes the drive can be different each time it is connected.  Usually the drive letter does not change unless another new drive has been added, then the drive will get the next available drive letter.  Depending on the version of windows you can type computer management find program under the start bar, then select, disk management, select the drive and right click, then select change drive letter.  The drive letter can be different when connected to different computers.

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                                Well thats going to put a kink in my plan. On Mac I can use an applescript script step to get file paths to drives.


                                Is there anything like that I can use on Windows?

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                                  You don't need drive letter on Windows, using network path like as

                                  moviewin://SharedMediaServerNameOrIPAddr/(ShareName/)Media Folder/0028JA.mov

                                  What do you see the result of GetAsText(the container field) ? You may be able to modify it directly, then not need to refer file itself to getting windows path.



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                                    Typical results to GetAsText( mediaContainer) = moviewin:/Z:/BRoll Media/0027TE.mov


                                    I tried your suggestion but no link. 

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