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    Looking for help.




      The file is in excel.  I have attached the file. This file is a bid document.  Each workbook tab is a bid on that item.  Across the top it is broken down buy region.  Each company bids on a district that falls in that region.


      My questions are:

      Should I create a table for each district?

      Should I create a table for each bidding company or Fuel?


      I am overwhelmed when looking at the spreadsheet.


      Looking for any suggestions.


      Thank You for any help.


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          Look for the nouns in your description.  Each noun is an entity and should be a table, then figure out how they are related and what join tables  you need.  But identify the entities first.

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            for me you can have a table for all the districts, one for the company and fuel if it's the same, and in the relationship you can autorize the creation of it if you have a new one

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              Think about what repeats, what there are many of vs one of.  At first each thing that repeats is record.  So there are many districts, so each district is a record (in a "district" table).  So you would have a districts table with records about the districts.  If there is something within districts that repeats (many "x" to one district) that thing needs its own table.  So there might be a table of districts and single qualities of that district... then within district there are many bids, so each bid would be a record in a new "bids" table.


              Think of each "noun" (mentioned above) and think in terms of one to many or many to many.  The "many" breaks out into a new table.  If there is only one of something in relationship to that "noun", then that can be part of the "noun's" table.  Example: If each district had only one district manager, that might be a field in the "district" table.

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                Hi Jeremy,


                Here's how I would approach it (Tables in caps):


                DISTRICT (Avton, Andes, etc.)

                VENDOR (Mirabito, Superior, etc.)

                AREA (Region 1, Zone 1, etc.)

                FUELTYPE (Keosene, Unleaded Gas, etc.)

                FUELPRICINGTYPE (e.g. Fixed Pricing, Key Card, etc.

                AVAILABLEDELIVERY (a join table between DISTRICT and VENDOR)

                DISTRICTFUEL (a join table between DISTRICT and FUELTYPE)

                DELIVERYMETHOD (TW, KEY, etc.)


                There are likely a few other tables necessary, but that's what I came up with from the spreadsheet.