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How to move POI data from FileMaker Go to another app which maps the data.

Question asked by muddylanding on Jan 8, 2015

I want to move Point of Interest data from a FileMaker document to another app which will map the data. I can do this manually by creating a GPX format text file which is saved in the FileMaker Go document area. The file can then be opened in FileMaker Go and "sent" to the app.

This works really well except it is a manual process.

The app I am sending the GPX file to has a custom URL scheme which is designed accept GPX files, but the file needs to be in the app's own document area I think.

Does anybody know how to save, from Filemaker, a file in another apps document area in iOS? Or conversely, construct a custom URL which the app will use to grab the file from FileMaker Go document area?