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Made a start-up script with Close Window step, can't get into file

Question asked by schpa on Jan 9, 2015
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So obviously, I'm pretty new to FileMaker, but I've been working on a database for the small company I'm working for the last couple of weeks and I'm starting to get on with the finishing touches, and one of those was that I wanted a small start-up window that would have buttons to navigate to all the different layouts in a new window. I couldn't find a proper guide on how to do that, so I decided to go ahead and try to make my own start-up script that would do this.

Now here is where I messed up: I had a start-up script that would recognize the device currently being used and direct to a fitting layout based on that, and in that script I decided to add a New Window step that I later down the line wanted to be the start-up window, which worked, but now there was not only that window, but the other default one aswell, so I thought, well, maybe if I add a "Close Window" to the current window, that would close the default window not being used and let me use the smaller start-up window only.
Now, that didn't work out, and of course, stupid as I am, I didn't make a back-up of an earlier file before I decided to try it out, and now I'm sitting here unable to even get into my file, let alone edit that script so it doesn't exit on me every time I try to get into it. I've essentially lost the whole file.


My question is then, is there any way for me to edit that script, pause it or whatever so that I can get into the file and delete that idiotic step from my start-up script, or is the whole database lost forever?


Sincerely, Simen