Creating a view/join with FileMaker Server and ArcGIS for SQL Server

Discussion created by Jason_Farnsworth on Jan 9, 2015

I am using FileMaker data within an ArcGIS Enterprise Geodatabase so that it can be turned into a web-mapping service and consumed inside of an ArcGIS Javascript web mapping application.


I currently am sharing the FileMaker database via ODBC so that the tables are visible in ArcGIS where I join the data with an ArcGIS table in ArcMap. The joined tables are then shared as a web service, and, while the FileMaker fields are maintained, the FileMaker data is not visible on the web.


One solution I’ve discovered requires adding the FileMaker Server as a linked server within SQL and creating a view out of the two tables, but that has not been functioning properly. Another solution could be to use the ArcGIS SQL Server databases as ODBC sources for FileMaker, joining the data in FileMaker and exporting the joined data back to SQL, but this has not been tested. Will this work and maintain the integrity of the ArcGIS data, or is there an alternative?


Thanks in advance,


Jason Farnsworth

Odessa, Tx