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    Bold field characters in a single record


      Contents of a number of fields (not all) in a specific layout are displaying in bold format when the bold formatting option is not selected.  Field contents were entered in regular text, when returning to the layout after a day the contents of some of the fields in this layout are bold.  Highlighting the contents, and then clicking the bold icon in the inspector does not change the format (Might mention that the icon in the inspector is not highlighted).  Selecting the contents and hitting the delete key, without exiting from the field, then re-typing content into the filed, contents display in bold.  When deleting the contents, exciting the field, (clicking outside the field) and then going back into the field to enter data the contents are not bold......this is limited to one record, no other records are affected......any suggestions from anyone?

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          Things to look for...

          • Check for any conditional formatting on the fields
          • Auto-enter calculations for the field which may change the formatting
          • If using FM13 check the style setting to see if there are different styles applied for the different states; hover, pressed, etc.
          • If its only one record, possibly something messed up with the record that you don't have control over (internal guts of the file)? What happens if you duplicate the record?
          • Have you tried to recover the file?


          What font is the field set to? Could it be a messed up font? Does it happen on all computers?

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            Stephen Huston

            This sounds like data-level text formatting applied to the data itself. This happens when users apply a text format to some or all of the data contained in a field via the Format menu, or if data is pasted into the field and was formatted in the copied source. It can even happen with imported data if the data was formatted in the source.

            Data-level formatting applies only to the record/field/selection which was formatted, but it can be a PITA to remove. Functions which change formatting tend to apply new formatting which can stick in the data even on differently-formatted layouts.

            I suggesting isolating the record(s) where this is a problem and using the Replace field contents by Calculation options with:

            • TextFormatRemove ( selectedFieldName )

            This would replace the data with the existing data of the record, sans the formatting.

            If this becomes an ongoing issue, you can also set up Auto-Enter calculations for specific fields using:

            • TextFormatRemove ( Self )

            That keeps users from pasting in text with embedded formatting.

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              I agree with Stephen that it sounds like a data level issue. A simple trick that will often overcome this is to select the entire contents of the affected field, cut it (Command/Alt + X), then paste it back (Command/Alt + V), then immediately do a Command/Alt + Z (undo). If the text pasted into a field contains any formatting that is different to the field settings this trick will remove all that formatting. You can tell whether this is the result because the text will adopt the field's format settings. On the other hand, if this is not the issue then the undo will cut it again (i.e. undo the paste), in which case you just paste it again and look for another solution.

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                Thanks David, I'll check this.  Appreciate the input

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                  I'll give this a shot, thanks for the response.  Appreciated Stephen.