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Mysterious Record deletion

Question asked by garydr on Jan 9, 2015
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I'm working on a solution for a school. In one part of the solution I have to organize people into families. What I have done is create a contact table that holds both the family records as well as the people records.

Then there is a Related table that links families to people in a many to many relationship. The reason it's many to many is that a child may be part of more than one family in the case of joint custody.


Contact records have, among other fields:

ID - record ID

contactType - identifies if this is a person, family, church or business.


CONTACT(family)     RELATED     CONTACT(person)

                      ID   >>  id_family

                                  id_person  >>   ID

The relationship between CONTACT(family) & RELATED is set to allow record creation. Neither relationship is set to delete related records.

On the family layout there is a portal using the TO, RELATED, listing all the family members. Here is the sequence of events that leads to the problem.

1. I create a CONTACT(family) record

2. I create a couple of CONTACT(person) records.

3. I link the person records to the family by creating appropriate RELATED records.

4. Now I decide to break the relationship between the family and one of the persons. I delete the RELATED record using a script that first confirms that the user really wants to delete this and then does a Delete Portal Row [no Dialog].


The problem is that BOTH the RELATED record and the CONTACT(person) record are deleted! This happens even if I open one of my developer layouts that only lists RELATED records. If I manually delete the RELATED record, the CONTACT(person) record also is deleted. The CONTACT(family) record remains intact.


Help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.